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Beauty Dressup HD app review: dress up the dolls in glitzy outfits



Beauty Dressup HD is an iPad and iPhone game that allows your child to change the outfits of the female doll. There are many different outfits to mix and match, and my daughters really enjoyed creating.

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Beauty Dressup HD


Dress Her Up

Beauty Dressup HD is a fun creativity app that allows your child to dress up the doll that is ready for the ball, a night on the town, or just going shopping. There are several categories of hair, necklaces, earrings, headbands, tops and bottoms, dresses, leggings, hand bags, and shoes.

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There are many different looks, and I haven't counted them all because there are so many that are in there. My six-year-old has had a blast playing with this, because she likes dress-up dolls, and since there are tops and bottoms too, the outfit choices expand that much more. I will say that the tops and bottoms are hard to notice at first. It looks like a dress, and is the fifth icon in the top row. If you tap the top, the top goes on the doll, and when you choose a bottom, the same. Initially, I thought that these were outfits, then realized my doll’s pants weren’t on yet!

Tops and bottoms to choose from
Tops and bottoms to choose from


My main issue with Beauty Dressup HD is that the doll is unrealistically thin.  Young girls are inundated with unrealistic body images all the time, and I would love to see a doll app that portrays a more healthy image, as well as even more body shapes. The doll doesn’t change skin tone, hair color, or any other feature either.

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I would also like to see more clothing choices. All the options are dresses, and some cute tights, jeggings, or different shoes that aren’t so high heeled would be appreciated. Not all girls wear glitzy dresses to go out on the town. I’m not saying the options need to be completely casual, but we just want more options.

Some shoes
Some shoes

Beauty Dressup HD


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to mess around with for children
  • Lots of different outfit combinations


  • Not a realistic body image
  • No physical feature differentiation

View without the closet
View without the closet

Final Thoughts

Beauty Dressup HD is an iPad and iPhone game for your children to play to mix-and-match outfits. My six-year-old really enjoyed this app, and has spent several hours in the back of the car creating fun looks on our long drives. The unrealistic body image and lack of physical feature differentiation be fixed in future updates, and I would love to see this. Overall, my girls like it, so you get the kid pass. I'll keep my eye out for more positive body image and more feature options in future updates.


Beauty Dressup HD

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