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Denver Local News app review: a collection of news sources



If you happen to be a resident of Denver, and find that your iPhone or iPad is cluttered with news apps, then you might want to consider grabbing the Denver Local News app.

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What we have here is an app that brings its users news, weather, and more from a variety of sources for Denver all in one place, with all the functions and features you'd want in an app like this, but without any unnecessary frills.

This app is available in the News section of the App Store, and it can be purchased for 99 cents. Since this is an ad-free app, I feel it's worth the nominal fee to have a distraction-free experience.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this app.

Denver Local News


Varied News Sources

Denver Local News is a very lightweight app, taking up just 0.7 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. Since the app is so lightweight, it also functions really swiftly, responding to user commands instantaneously.

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The app features a selection of news sources including  Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, NBC Denver - KUSA, ABC Denver, CBS Denver - KCNC, FOX Denver - KDVR, Denver, Denver Metblogs, Magazine - Denver Magazine, and Denver Weather.

The great thing about having a handful of news sources at your fingertips over a single news source is that you don't get just one perspective on the latest events, breaking news, and the things going on around the world; you'll get many different perspectives of the same story, which will allow you to make up your own mind, influenced by your own judgment more so than the agenda of each news channel.

The varied news sources alone make this app a great choice for the people of Denver.

News sources
News sources

Functions & Features

When you first launch up the app, you'll be taken straight to the news sources which are organized by type. Newspapers come first, followed by TV News sources, and finally Magazines and Blogs.

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Each of the sources has their own dedicated news feed with varying layouts that may or may not include a weather widget, a logo of the site, top stories, and search functions.

The only criticism I have of this app is that not all of the news sources are optimized to the mobile version of the website, which can make viewing and reading very difficult.

When you find an article you like, you can choose to open it in Safari or email the link to your friends and family.

iDevice-optimized news stories
iDevice-optimized news stories

Denver Local News


Pros & Cons


  • A collection of multiple news sources at your fingertips ranging from Newspapers to TV News channels to Magazines and Blogs
  • Helps you declutter your home screen with just one news app instead of several
  • Beautiful interface
  • Ad-free, lightweight app


  • Some of the sites are not optimized for mobile viewing

Instantly share news stories
Instantly share news stories

Final Words

Denver Local News is one of the finest apps for those who are living in the awesome city of Denver. If you’re in the market for a utility such as this one, then I’d definitely recommend getting it on your iPhone or iPad.


Denver Local News

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