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Foodictionary app review: order what you really want



If you have a trip planned where the country you are visiting uses a language you aren't familiar with, then this next app is designed to help you where food is concerned. The Foodictionary app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a translator for all things beverage- and food-related. The app is able to provide over 87,500 translated terms spanning across seven of the most widely used languages, which breaks down to over 12,000 translated term per language.

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Foodictionary :: International Food & Beverage Translator


Place Your Order with Confidence

The Foodictionary app strives to make it possible that you're able to place your food and beverage order with ease when traveling abroad. There are over 87,500 translated terms as mentioned and they are offered in seven languages: French, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. The app can even open your eyes to new dishes that you weren't aware existed because you were never sure of what the words meant. Of course you don’t have to be traveling abroad to make use of the app, as any time you visit an international cuisine restaurant you can refer to the app.

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The app was updated just over a year ago when some bug fixes were made. It doesn't score very high with users, who have given it just 2.5 out of five stars, but the customer comments are mixed so it doesn’t paint a very clear picture.

Translate a large variety of food and beverages
Translate a large variety of food and beverages

A Rather Basic Offering

The Foodictionary app comes off as rather basic from the type of translations offered to the user interface itself. While the tools are certainly easy to use and the app is quick to navigate it just feels lacking in a many areas. There isn’t much here in terms of a wow factor. You've got a couple of ways of searching for foods: you can type in the actual word, you can search through a specific category, or all of the categories at once. When you find items/words you want to remember you can save them to your list of favorites. One big bonus with this app is the fact you don’t need an Internet connection to use it. Of course you can also select your language pairing.

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This app is just missing the added finesse that many have. It could certainly benefit from some interactive features, perhaps some photos, and other tools that would help to make it more useful.

Search by category or keyword
Search by category or keyword

Foodictionary :: International Food & Beverage Translator


Pros and Cons


  • The app is quick and easy to navigate
  • There are seven different languages supported
  • There are more than 87,500 translated terms
  • Choose your language pairing
  • Search by category or by word
  • Save items/words to your favorites list


  • There are no interactive features
  • The app has no photos
  • It’s quite dull-looking and -feeling

Search by categories
Search by categories

Final Thoughts

The Foodictionary app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to be a complete translation tool for ordering food and beverages abroad but it seems to have a lot of holes in the offering.


Foodictionary :: International Food & Beverage Translator

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