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Half Marathon app review: start training 2021



Now that the New Year is upon us many of us set New Year's resolutions and a popular one is to better your personal health through fitness. The Half Marathon running app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will take you through the steps you need to follow in order to training for a 1/2 marathon.

Now keep in mind this half marathon app has been created for those people who are already capable of running a 10K. The exercise app takes you through the steps you need in order to be able to run a 21K. This training app might be too difficult for beginners. 

Half Marathon Trainer: 21K Run


Double Your Distance

The Half Marathon app is able to take users through the training needed to move from a 10K run to a 21K, essentially doubling the distance you’re able to run.

As mentioned you need to be able to already run a 10K route because this is where the app starts off. From here you will be gradually working towards your end goal.

The approach is very slow, steady, and smooth so you increase your stamina and strength on a regular basis rather than shocking your body too quickly. The training program alternates between running and walking and it features an audio Coach that offers training help and prompts.

The app was updated earlier in the year with a number of bug fixes and some updates made to its help screen. It scores very high with users who have given it 4.5 out of five stars. Clearly this one seems to have been designed with plenty of thought.

Double Your Distance image

Features of the App

The training program in the Half Marathon app has been made to be user-friendly and easy to follow along with so the focus is on your workout rather than trying to figure out the tools in the app.

There is an audio coach that will be giving you instructions as to what you should be doing and you can play your own music in the background. Workouts can be repeated as many times as you like and the audio coach can take the form of a voice or a beep or maybe you want to combine the two.

To help keep you motivated you'll receive badges for your progress and every time you finish a run it is marked as a win. The app will actually keep a log of all your runs. This app can be used for treadmill, indoor, or outdoor workouts.

Features of the App image

Half Marathon Trainer: 21K Run


Pros and Cons


  • The app is smooth and gradual when it comes to training
  • You can choose a male or female audio coach
  • The app keeps track of your progress
  • Achievements are awarded for your progress
  • You can listen to your own music in the background


  • This isn’t meant for beginners, you need to be able to run at least 10K to use this app

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Final Thoughts

The Half Marathon app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone makes it possible to take your training to the next level through an easy-to-follow training program.

Half Marathon Trainer: 21K Run

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