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The Bedtime Express app review: send your kids off to dreamland



It's time to send your kids off to dreamland and this next app can help you do just that. The Bedtime Express app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and offers a journey on a cute little train that involves all kinds of characters and fun animations. The app has been designed for kids aged three through eight and manages to strike the balance between entertaining and engaging and being able to create a soothing and calming environment for kids.

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The Bedtime Express : The bedtime story that changes every night!


The Perfect Bedtime Routine

For many parents the perfect bedtime routine often involves reading a story of some sort and The Bedtime Express can be just that. Because it is meant for kids ages three though eight it's versatile and has longevity. In this story kids will jump aboard a cute little train as it heads off on a journey. The train will visit five different locations as it takes in all kinds of sites and characters. Speaking of which there are also six different groups of passengers. The story has a very relaxed and calming vibe yet has animations and illustrations that will keep the attention of your child.

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The app was updated more than a year ago with new graphics for iOS 7 as a well as a couple new features. For those using the app with iOS 8 there have been some minor bugs and issues that still need to be worked out. The developer has acknowledged these issues and is working on the fix. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating but it does have some very positive comments from users.

A beautiful illustrated story
A beautiful illustrated story

The Reading Experience

When it comes down to it The Bedtime Express is all about the reading experience and in that sense it's enjoyable and engaging. The animations have been created to appeal to kids and the narration is kid-friendly and of course calming. It's not just a reading experience kids will also help out characters along the way such as looking for lost tickets, stamping tickets, making hot chocolate, waking up a tired little polar bear, and a whole bunch more. Each passenger will be on his or her way home and it’s up to kids to ensure they get there, are tucked into bed, said goodnight to, and set up their room for bedtime.

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I do feel the app is better suited to the younger age spectrum and I can definitely see how this can lead to a stress-free bedtime routine.

There are cute activities along the way
There are cute activities along the way

The Bedtime Express : The bedtime story that changes every night!


Pros and Cons


  • The app features beautiful animations and cute characters
  • This app is ideal for kids ages three through eight
  • The story is calm and soothing


  • There have been some problems with the app running smoothing with iOS 8

The Bedtime Express screenshot
The Bedtime Express screenshot

Final Words

The Bedtime Express app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can prove to be quite helpful with parents during the bedtime routine and thanks to the variety of characters and beautiful animations kids will be completely immersed in the story.


The Bedtime Express : The bedtime story that changes every night!

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