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Gigglebug app review: tickle the critters to cheer them up



Gigglebug is an iPad and iPhone game for kids. It is easy to play with the child simply by searching for the tickle spot. Red means a miss, and the other colors mean a hit. There are several animals other than the gigglebug such as an owl, bear, and moose.

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Gigglebug Keeps Toddlers Smiling

Gigglebug is an iPhone and iPad game that will entertain your child for a few minutes when you need to make a phone call, wait in line at the bank, or while checking out at the grocery store. It’s a simple concept that requires your child to use the hot/cold system to find where the critter is ticklish. If the critter is not ticklish then there will be a red indicator. If your critter is ticklish, then the blue, pink, or purple bubbles will go up to fill the balloons. Don’t be fooled though. It takes a lot of tickling to get the balloons full. So much, that it often seemed that I was never going to fill the last balloon!

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There are several animals that you must get into the boat. There’s a horse, owls, bear, birds, and of course the gigglebug. The tutorial begins with the giggle bug, and then you go back through the other animals that are all looking sad in a clearing near the lake. One by one, your child must tickle them to cheer them up and get them on the boat.

The moose to tickle
The moose to tickle

Get the Critters Happy

Kids love to make critters giggle, and they love filling balloons. Gigglebug covers both of these. The animals are cute, and I like that the kids can choose the animals to cheer up. My daughter immediately went to the bear, and it was adorable watching her find the tickle spot. In this instance, the tickle spot was behind his ears. First the left, then the right, and my daughter first looked to find it on his tummy like the bug was. I appreciate that the tickle spots move around, and that the children have to find it. The leg, the tummy, really could be anywhere.

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The children also have to fill three balloons. The balloons all turn out the same size, but the first fills quite quickly, second fills with a reasonable speed, and the final one seems to take forever. This was a bit annoying for my daughter, and for most of the animals, she passed me the iPad to finish the last balloon.



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Several animals for kids to choose and help onto the boat
  • The gigglebug teaches you how to play, and then you discover the other animals
  • Send them through the lake to the island


  • The third balloon takes a while to fill, and my daughter was getting frustrated

The animals to cheer up
The animals to cheer up

Final Thoughts

Gigglebug is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages your child to cheer up sad critters. As your child finds the ticklish spots, colored bubbles are released, and they float up to fill the balloons. Kids love balloons, so this motivates them to practice their fine motor skills too.



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