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Little Red Riding Hood app review: interactive bedtime story to help you sleep better



Does your kid suffer from lack of sleep? Jason Stewart has developed an app that will help you sleep better by reading you an interactive bedtime story like no other in the world. Little Red Riding Hood is an interactive application that is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone 5. 

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Little Red Riding Hood - Interactive Bedtime Story


Fight Lack of Sleep Problem Using an Interactive App

This amazing app narrates a classic tale using unique animation combined with high quality sound effects that will definitely grasp your attention. The beautiful narration voices that clearly describe over 200 interactive events will make reading more fun for kids all of all age groups.

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One of the key attributes that give Little Red Riding hood an upper hand in the market is the user-friendly interface that allows kids to seamlessly move from one event to another. As they do so, they can play with the animated characters as objects before the allure of sleep takes toll of them.

The developer has worked smart to come up with some hilarious events and sound that makes reading more fun and exciting for all kids no matter the age group. To ensure that kids understand each event, the app uses beautiful and unique art works not to mention the animations. Currently, the events are narrated in English as this is the default language but soon it will be available in multiple languages. 

Best Features that Little Red Riding Hood Offers

One of the best features in this app is the Auto Play that allows parents and guardians to play all the stories for children who are too young to comprehend how the app operates. All you have to do is press one tab and sit back to enjoy the story.

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Kids above the age of three can challenge and test their skills by playing two mini games jigsaw, and pairs. To make each event unique, the story’s main characters are tailored to produce entertaining sounds that will surely keep your kids entertained even if you run the app on a daily basis.

The images are optimized for iPhone 5 but they still work well in iPod and iPad no matter the screen solution. In addition, you do not have to change any settings. Just install and launch it to enjoy all its amazing features and capabilities. Just like other professionally designed iTunes, it does not affect the functionalism of your phone in any way. 

Little Red Riding Hood - Interactive Bedtime Story


Pros and Cons


  • Wide variety of interactive events
  • Excellent interface that is easy to operate
  • Unique main characters that explain each event in an entertaining manner
  • Easy to operate even if you have never used an education kid app before


  • Limited bug fixes but the developer is working on new version that will solve this issue completely

Final Thoughts

Little Red Riding Hood is an amazing kid’s app that delivers on its promises. You do not need any prior experience or skills, as its interface is very intuitive and friendly to users. Discover a complete new way of helping your kid sleep peacefully at night by downloading this app. 


Little Red Riding Hood - Interactive Bedtime Story

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