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Learn Violin app review: acquire violin-playing skills today



Playing violin is not as easy as it looks when you watch various musicians play it. Hundreds of people spend hours and even months before understanding how to do it right. Inside.Com Inc has developed Learn Violin app that is programmed to quick users with gold worthy skills and information on how to play violin. For more great violin apps, check out our list of the Best violin apps for iPhone and iPad

The best violin apps for iPad

Learn Violin


Play Violin like a Pro in Less Than 30 Days

One of the benefits of using this app is that it will save you hours and money that would have been spent taking music classes. It is an ideal choice for all age groups even those who have little or no prior experience. Apart from giving you information on how to take full control of the violin, it will furnish you with information on simple helpful exercises that you can use to hone your learning process.

The best violin apps for iPhone and iPad-2021

Some of the lessons that you will learn include how to apply fingerboard tape, bowing open strings and how to hold the violin. The exercises include Twinkle, Twinkle, Little start, Mary Had a Little Lamp, and the list continues. All these exercise have been proven very effective in helping players to understand how to play various strokes on their own.

To ensure that you get maximum benefits from the lessons, the developer has come up with a professional interface that is very easy to navigate. For instance, you will get high-resolution picture that will teach you hold to hold the violin and bow correctly. 

Play Violin like a Pro in Less Than 30 Days image

Best Features of Learn Violin

One of the key highlights of using this app is that it will expose you to new simple techniques that will help you remember violin fingering as well as how to string the violin on your own. More importantly, you will get expert tips on how to take good care of your violin to promote its durability and functionalism. This will go a long way in saving your time and money that would have been spent purchasing a new instrument every now and then.

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As mentioned earlier, learning how to play violin requires some practice to perfect. Learn violin app is designed to help you master the basic and major chords as well as scales with ease. Once you master this art, you will be able to play virtually any type of music in the world like a professional. There are also a number of practices that you can use to correct bad vices and make learning sessions more productive and successful.

One of the major reasons why most people find it so difficult to play violin is because they skip the basics. The developers understand this fact too well as evident from the manner in which the courses are arranged. That is, you have to first master the basic notes before proceeding to the complex ones.

Best Features of Learn Violin image

Learn Violin


Pros & Cons


  • Teaches all violin techniques you need to become an expert
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Clear pictures to illustrate the theory lessons
  • Does not need internet access


  •  English is the default language

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Learn Violin is an amazing app that can equip you with skills and information you need to play violin like a pro. It is affordable and convenient to use as its features are straightforward.

Learn Violin

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