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Civil War America’s Epic Struggle app review: get historical facts at your finger tips



Civil War really helped to build America as we view it today. Most of the developments would not have been achieved without the struggles that our ancestors had to go through. In remembrance to what the generations of that time went through, Multieducator Inc has developed a smart app for iTunes named Civil War America’s epic struggle. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, English is the default language.

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Civil War America's Epic Struggle


Get Historical Facts about Civil War Today

Civil War America’s Epic struggle has 18 different categories that are easy to navigate. One of the things that stand out about this app is that it offers moving and realistic experience to users regarding the Civil War and all that happened.

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The developers have worked to incorporate over 1,000 high-resolution photos that can view on your screen without having to adjust any settings. There are one-hour long multimedia presentations, first-hand accounts from people who actually experienced the events, and articles and biographies to help you get a clear picture of what exactly transpired.

Some of the battles that are covered deeply in this app include Atlanta, Bull Run, Chattanooga, Chancellorsville, Second Bull Run, Fort Sumter, Mobile Bay, New Orleans, Pea Ridge, Shiloh Stone River, West Virginia, and the list continues. Each details was first validated before being added to the app’s database so that accuracy is guaranteed.

Best Features

Apart from the many photos that this app offers, there are also over 100 authentic maps that you can use to know which each current state was at that time. If you carefully study them, you will get an understanding progress of various campaigns without having to go to a library. To save you time and money, the app has the ability to automatically optimize the images and text as you read the articles depending on the type of device that you are using.

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Despite the fact that some of the photographs are in black and white, you can still zoom them in and out to get a clear view of what was actually happening in each of them. There are also six songs that are available as audio files as well as six sets of lyrics in the text to keep you entertained as you read through or watch the presentations.

The developers involved professional copywriters who wrote over 13 top-notch articles that document most of the activities that happened during this period. In addition, there are over 54 monthly timelines and photos that cover most navy arm soldiers’ activities. Medical care that was present at that time is documented in a two-minute long multimedia presentation that includes 53 photos and one comprehensive article.

Civil War America's Epic Struggle


Pros & Cons


  • Tons of high-resolution pictures
  • Comprehensive articles that you can read if you get bored watching the broadcasts
  • Ability to zoom black-white photos


  • The app does not cover all the aspects as it relies on photos taken during the struggle heavily

Final Thoughts

Civil War America’s Epic Struggle offers great insight on what happened during this period. It is an ideal choice for both new and experienced users who have never tried out using historical apps.

Civil War America's Epic Struggle

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