If you loved the move Titanic, or are a student of history, then check out our list of the best

Titanic apps for your iPad.



Titanic 100

Price: $1.99

One of the most comprehensive apps ever made in time for the Titanic’s untimely tragedy 100 years later, UK’s The Daily Mirror not only looks at the people who had been affected by the tragedy, but also on the immediate public uproar and why it still holds the later generations’ fascination more than a century later!



The Loss of the S. S. Titanic

Price: Free

So much attention was given to the victims of the Titanic, but there were only some rare instances where the survivors of the tragedy themselves were given the spotlight to tell their own stories. This ebook, transposed from the first-hand account of Lawrence Beesley, who first published the printed version of this book a mere 9 weeks after the tragedy happened in 1912. If anything, his account manages to convey the panic and desperation which gripped the whole passengers and crew just as they were realizing that they were on the brink of death itself. 



Titanic: Her Journey

Price: $4.99

As far as educational apps go, this manages to be written in a very breezy manner that even schoolchildren will find it easy to get into the whole history behind the construction of the Titanic, its maiden voyage, and its unfortunate sinking.




Building Titanic

Price: Free

National Geographic apps are always the best, aren’t they? This centennial app for the Titanic is one of the best of the bunch, if only for the fact that it deviated from the usual talking points by choosing to focus on the construction of the ship. Patterned after Nat Geo’s Air Crash Investigation, this attempt to investigate what caused the ship’s sinking is equally riveting and informative!





Price: $0.99

If you’re disappointed that the only available film experience for Titanic is James Cameron’s three-hour weepfest, then you clearly haven’t tried watching the excellent mini-series released last year! This app is released in conjunction with the show, but it also functions as a three-part look into the Titanic’s storied history, from its continuing legacy on ship safety which was caused by the wake of the tragedy up to real-life accounts of four persons who were graced enough to have survived it all.