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Math Superheroes app review: become a math expert in weeks



One of the ideal ways of starting the education life of your child on a high note is by using education apps. Lisbon Labs have come up with an amazing app that is tailored to equip kids with essential skills that will later on help them succeed in academics. It is available in a number of languages such as Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, French, and English. You can download it on your iPhone 6 or 5C as it is optimized to work smoothly on both.

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Math Superheroes - Learn math while having fun


How to Play This Game

Math superheroes is packed with dozens of amazing apps that will not only help you kid learn basic math skills about also keep them entertained for hours. The developer has incorporated six chapters that are essential to growth of your child namely counting, understanding numbers, adding & subtracting, patterns & sequences, shapes & geometry and finally multiplying & dividing.

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To achieve the set objectives, it has thirty different games that will surely excite your kid. To make it even more ideal for children, the app has colorful and funny graphics that are hard to find other similar kid applications in the world today.

There are also special tutorial that will help them carry out each mat exercise on their own and fast. However, it is recommendable for parents to help their kids out during the initial stages to get optimal results from the app. 

Best Features of Math Superheroes

The detailed chapter is one major highlight that gives this application an upper hand in the market. The understanding numbers chapter will help your kid learn how to order numbers, match names, connect dots and even draw cartons and other funny characters.

The best iPhone apps for learning Math

On the other hand, the adding and subtracting will chapter is tailored to equip them with skills on how to correctly add objects, paint the results, beanstalk subtraction, as well as counting in the castle. Ordering and pattern & sequences are tailored to help them solve patterns, sequences and even identify various shapes correctly.

The shapes and symmetry allows users to convert solids to plans, missing shapes, understand symmetry lines and the list is endless. You do not need any prior experience to access all this chapters as they are clearly articulated on the beautiful interface.

The thirty games are quite straightforward but guardians and parents need to assist their kids during initial stages to equip them with the necessary skills. Most of the people who have tried out the app attest to the fact that it works perfectly and requires no change of settings as it is programmed for use immediately after installation.

Math Superheroes - Learn math while having fun


Pros and Cons


  • Colorful graphics to grasp attention of your kids
  • Great games that is not only entertaining but also informative
  • Wide array of chapters hence you do not have to repeat the same game or tutorial over again


  • It covers mathematics as the sole subject

Final Thoughts

Math Superheroes is an amazing app that you can count on to teach your kids crucial mathematical skills that will help them in future to score high marks in this subject. It is recommended by teachers and safe for kids. 


Math Superheroes - Learn math while having fun

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