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College Savings app review: help with their future



Perhaps you have a young child or maybe you have a teenager; no matter what the age, if college is in your child's future then there is a large sum of money that needs to be saved. The College Savings app is a finance tool for your iPad that helps you figure a savings plan through its calculator tool. Use this app to take a look at a variety of colleges and then figure out how much you need for your child. Then you work to put together a practical financial savings plan that will ensure their future is set.

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College Savings


Figure Out the Costs

Until you start to look into colleges there’s a good chance you aren’t aware of the true costs of higher education. The College Savings app has been created to give parents and kids a realistic look at the costs so they can work to put together a savings plan that will ensure the money is there when the time comes. The app is actually able to show the projected cost of colleges in the future so you won't find yourself short on savings. There is a monthly savings plan and a lump sum savings plan you can explore.

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This is an older app that hasn't been updated in almost three years. Its last updated included some basic design changes and a new savings table was added. It has just three out of five stars from users and no customer comments. This one seems to be missing the mark by quite a bit despite the smart concept.

The app lacks in features and isn't always user-friendly
The app lacks in features and isn't always user-friendly

Using the App

The College Savings app is relatively easy to use. As discussed its able to project the cost of college later down the road so you get an idea of how much you need to save. From that point you can take a look at the two different savings plans. There are two charts that show you the monthly and lump sum savings plans, it is able to project how much you will have saved, and your information can be saved. This information can be shared by email and text. The app is also able to support international currencies.

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This app is a bit of a mixed bag as some of it feels far too simple while other areas seem too confusing. In general this app could certainly due with some enhancements, improvements, and even streamlining. There are many savings and budget apps nowadays so this one needs to offer users a lot more than it's currently featuring, especially if the developer wants to be able to justify the price tag.

The app can project the future costs of college
The app can project the future costs of college

College Savings


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to look at two different savings plans
  • Project how much money your child will need for college in the future
  • Information can be emailed


  • The app isn’t always user-friendly
  • The content doesn’t stand out and doesn’t feel unique or overly helpful

Savings Table
Savings Table

Final Thoughts

The College Savings app for your iPad is meant to help you figure out how much you’ll need to save for college and how to go about it unfortunately it seems to be lacking overall and just feels like a mediocre offering.


College Savings

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