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Baseball Pocket Schedules MLB Edition app review: your portable baseball calendar with extra features



Baseball Pocket Schedules is a portable baseball calendar packed with rich features that include news updates, game standings, live scores, and much more. It is an all-in-one baseball scheduler app specially designed for Major League baseball fans. Developed by Karen Morrone, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Baseball Pocket Schedules - MLB Edition


Stay Connected with Your Favorite Teams

The Major League Baseball season hosts a total of 2,430 games in 180 days. Each team gets to play 162 games for the entire season. It is quite difficult to follow your team’s journey to the world championships especially if you’re too busy with other priorities.

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Thanks to Baseball Pocket Schedules, you can now stay connected with your team’s schedules throughout the season. This app offers a full-featured baseball calendar that shows the exact monthly schedules of every team playing in the Major League.

The app does not require complicated setup. When you install it on your device, the schedules are automatically loaded in its built-in calendar. All you have to do is to open the app and find your team to view the monthly game schedules.

Baseball Pocket Schedules is easy to use with a very simple workflow. The home screen lists all the important sections of the app that include team schedules, standings, scores, news, and locations with weather forecasts.

With a single tap, you can view scheduled games of your team for each month. You can dig deeper by looking at the scores and updated team standings. And if you’re planning to watch a live game, the app provides the exact location of a team’s stadium on a map including five-day weather forecasts. 

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Features of Baseball Pocket Schedules MLB Edition

This app offers the full season schedule of all teams in the Major League. Its calendar feature comes in monthly format and the app allows you to integrate the game schedules to iCal for easier reference.

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Baseball Pocket Schedules allows you to send the schedules of your team to a favorite folder. So when you load the app, it will immediately display your favorite team’s monthly games on the home screen.

The app gives you updated news and stories about your favorite teams. The news is customized according to your own preferences so you can read only the updates you want. The app gets its news stories from 10 different major sources.

To make sure that you are always updated on the progress of your team, Baseball Pocket Schedules offers complete team standings with percentages and winning margins. You can also get live scores of current games or access the scores of games that you’ve missed.

And lastly, this application offers an integrated map that displays the location of each team’s stadium. So if you’re planning to watch a game, you can view this map to get driving directions. 

Features of Baseball Pocket Schedules MLB Edition image

Baseball Pocket Schedules - MLB Edition


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a monthly view of game schedules
  • News from 10 different sources
  • With favorite folder for quick access
  • Offers live scores and updated team standings
  • Maps and weather forecasts
  • Integrates with iCal


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Baseball Pocket Schedules is a comprehensive calendar for all Major League Baseball fans. It is a valuable app with lots of extra features. 

Baseball Pocket Schedules - MLB Edition

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