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Baby Tracker app review: monitor your baby while on the road 2021



Juggling a busy work schedule and taking care of your baby can be an uphill task if you do not have the tools and information required to do it right.

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Baby Tracker is an iPhone monitoring developed by Nighp Software LLC to help parents monitor their babies more conveniently. It's been praised by users for being one of the better iPhone baby monitor apps. 

This baby tracker app for monitoring your baby remotely is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Let's dive deeper into its features to see if this iPhone baby monitor meets your needs. 

For more details on this baby tracker app, keep reading our Baby Tracker - Newborn Log app review below. 

Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep and diaper log for newborn)


The Smart Way of Monitoring Your Baby

Baby Tracker is a great app that has helped thousands of parents from all across the globe to take care of their children more conveniently and without having to sacrifice their other daily obligations.

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It does this by providing a simple and streamlined platform where parents can input data in seconds such as feedings, sleep patterns, and diaper changes. It is also possible to capture all those memorable moments in photos and store them in the app for future reference.

The Smart Way of Monitoring Your Baby image

Best Features

It is very difficult to know the number of times that you change diapers especially if you have a busy schedule during the day. Baby tracker has a special feature that will show you the time that you last changed his or her diapers as well as feeding and sleeping schedules.

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Since the records are accurate, you will be able to respond to various issues such as constipation and dehydration in a timely manner.

Baby tracker also allows parents to track growth pattern of their children by entering measurement data and comparing it with World Health Organization averages. Simply put, it will monitor your baby’s growth rate over a given period of time.

This information can be presented to doctors if you suspect that the baby is sick to help them make informed diagnosis and administer the right medications.

In addition, you can use the app to set milestones such as your baby’s first tooth, first step, first smile, and the list continues. You can take photos of those memorable moments and share with friends and family members. 

The developers have made a commiment to the performance of this app by updating it on a regular basis to fix any bugs and crashes.

Best Features   image

Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep and diaper log for newborn)


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to track baby’s growth patterns
  • Set miles and add photos to make those moments memorable
  • No internet access is required
  • Helps you to know sleeping patterns
  • Can be used to identify symptoms and health conditions


  • Does not allow multiple device synchronization

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Baby tracker is an intuitive and user-friendly app that will help you track your baby’s growth, health, and sleeping patterns. 

Baby Tracker (Feed timer, sleep and diaper log for newborn)

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