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Highlight app review: lets you find friends nearby and meet new people



Highlight is a people discovery app that uses location-aware technology. It helps you find nearby friends and other people who are also using the app. It lets you know if a friend is nearby and it will show you his/her profile photo, name, and interests. Developed by Math Camp, this app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. 

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Highlight - Meet New People, Find and Connect with Friends Nearby


A Closer Look at Highlight

People discovery apps are not new. A few years ago, Facebook released a location-aware tool that lets you know if some of your friends are nearby. In a nutshell, this is how Highlight works. 
The app gives you a heads-up when a friend, who is also using Highlight, is nearby. You will then see your friend’s profile and you can start a chat conversation with her. 
The app can also find other people who are also using Highlight. But there’s a caveat: it will only find random individual who has the same interests as yours. So if you are passionate about biking and someone nearby also loves the sport, then Highlight will try to connect the two of you.
Highlight has generated a lot of buzz in the tech community when it was released a few years ago. Over the years, the app’s developers made it smarter with new algorithms that can detect very specific connections between people. 
This app is available on the App Store for free. As a discovery tool, it uses GPS to track your location and the location of your friends and other Highlight users. It requires you to register using your Facebook profile. You can then create a personal profile specifically for Highlight. 
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Best Features of Highlight

Highlight offers a very convenient discovery tool that can find nearby friends and other people who are using the app. It uses localization services to track your current location. 
The app allows you to create an account using your Facebook profile. Just log-in using your Facebook credentials and Highlight automatically sets up an account for you. You can customize your profile by changing your photo and adding your interest. 
Highlight offers an attractive home screen that displays the profile of nearby friends and connections. It will show you the profile pictures of nearby users in a grid format. You can scroll down the screen to view all connections. 
This app allows you to view the extended profiles of other people including photos, map location, brief personal description, interests, and mutual connections. 
One of the best features of Highlight is the built-in chat platform. It allows you to send a message to any nearby Highlight user. The app’s chat platform works just like any other instant messaging system. 
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Highlight - Meet New People, Find and Connect with Friends Nearby


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with intuitive user interface
  • Attractive home screen that shows your connections
  • Uses accurate people discovery technology
  • Built-in instant messaging platform
  • Sends notification alerts when a friend is nearby
  • Allows you to turn-off the discovery tool


  • Constant location tracking quickly drains device battery
  • Needs to add more log-in options

Final Thoughts

Highlight is a people discovery tool that finds nearby friends and other people. It allows you to meet new people in your community and lets you reconnect with long lost friends. 


Highlight - Meet New People, Find and Connect with Friends Nearby

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