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Heart Rate Pro app review: know your heart beat rate in real time



Heart Rate Pro transforms your iOS device into a portable heart rate monitor using the device camera to capture data. It offers accurate reading of normal resting heart rate with visual graphs so you can easily understand the results. It can save captured data which could be very useful for monitoring the overall fitness level of your heart. Developed by Mini Touch, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Advanced Way of Measuring your Heart Beat

Heart Rate Pro is not a replacement to medical-grade heart monitors. But for casual daily monitoring of resting heart rate levels, this app can be a very valuable fitness tool.  It helps determine your baseline heart rate and allows you to quickly spot any aberration especially when you heart rate is abnormally elevated. When this happens, it is best to visit your doctor immediately to get a proper check-up.
So, how does Heart Rate Pro works? For starters, this app uses the device camera as data capture tool. What you need to do is to hold your iOS device in one hand and place your index finger over the camera lens.
Make sure to completely cover the lens with your fingertip. Just press the camera lens as gently as possible to allow blood circulation. If you press too hard, you might not get an accurate result.
Tap the Measure button to start monitoring. The app will take about 25 seconds to complete the measurement. It will then display the result on the screen showing your current heart rate and a color-coded fitness level indicator. Tap the Curve button to view a graphical display of your heart rate curve. 
After each measurement, Heart Rate Pro will save the result in the Timeline folder. The Timeline section shows the daily heart rate data with date and timestamps. 
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Best Features

Heart Rate Pro offers cutting edge technology that can accurately monitor your heart rate. It uses the iOS camera to measure heart rate in just 25 seconds. 
This app is easy to use with user-friendly layout. Its key functions are grouped together in a menu bar. It uses the large part of the screen to show the readings in colorful and easy to understand display. 
The app offers a line chart to show the normal heart rate curve. It is set against a color-coded background so you can quickly determine the current fitness level of your heart. 
One of the best features of Heart Rate Pro is the Timeline view. The app’s Timeline allows you to record your heart rate levels for easier monitoring. 
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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple interface
  • Offers accurate heart rate readings
  • With visual charts for the heart rate curve
  • Offers color-coded heart fitness indicator
  • Allows you to maintain a record of heart rate measurements
  • Works offline


  • Requires good lighting to get accurate readings
  • Not suitable to use in very cold environments

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Final Thoughts

Heart Rate Pro can transform your iOS device into a convenient portable heart rate monitor. It uses proprietary technology to accurately measure heart rate levels. If you need a back-up heart rate monitor that you can use anywhere, then this is the right app for you.

Instant Pulse Rate

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