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Motivational Poster app review: a creator app that allows you to design your own inspiration



Motivational Poster is an iPhone and iPad app that will inspire you to think positively, stay on track, and have a generally happier outlook on life. There are many images that you can select and then add in your own messages as well.

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Motivational Poster


Create Your Own

Motivational Poster allows you to create your own motivational posters like those from a few years ago. They featured a beautiful image and an inspirational message. I collected several, and what I didn’t collect in poster or post card form, I may just have as an image file on my computer somewhere. There were calendars, t-shirts, and many more options. This app takes the idea and makes it possible to share it through social media, or just use it as your home screen.

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The set-up is simple. Just select the image that you like for your message, crop and position it, and then compose your witty message. Once saved, it goes to your camera roll for easy sharing. You can also select whether you’d like to have your image on landscape or portrait. This is handy because if you are making an inspirational image for your home screen, but the initial image was set for landscape, you can adjust it to fit your portrait space.

Many Options

Motivational Poster allows you to utilize many different functions so that you can create your ideal poster. You can zoom on the preview screen so that you can make sure everything is lined up before saving. There are optional adjustable image levels to make sure that the frame and orientation around the image you choose are appropriate. The app is set for Native Retina Display so the images can look their best, and of course you can work in portrait or landscape mode. I also already mentioned the crop, resize, rotate, and positioning of the initial image.

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For sharing your creation easily, you can save your Twitter and Facebook logins in the app. This speeds up the process. It is a universal app so you can run it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. I really appreciate universal apps as it means that you can create on the go with your phone, or grab your iPad when you have time for a bigger editing experience.

Motivational Poster


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Many layout options
  • Many image options other than your photo album
  • Editing the image and frame is easy
  • Share your creations through saved login information


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Final Thoughts

Motivational Poster is an iPhone and iPad universal app. You can use it on any of your devices, crop, rearrange, and adjust the frame. There are many editing options, and then you can add in your own message. I really like what the developers tried to do with creating a poster reminiscent of the motivational posters of my childhood. I really enjoyed exploring this app.


Motivational Poster

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