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Route Tracker app review: offering real-time GPS tracking with custom options-2020



Route Tracker app is a commercial-grade GPS tracker specifically designed for mobile devices. It allows you to track the location of vehicles, people, and devices to learn their routes and the status of their movements. This geo tracker app works best when the tracking device is outdoors. Developed by Raah.Co, this GPS route tracker is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices

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The Route tracking app promises no in-app purchases or service charges, no advertisements, that your data is never shared with anybody, location data is never tracked when tracking is stopped, and all communication is encrypted using industry leading technology. See our route tracking apps list for more great options.

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How Route Tracker Works?

Route Tracker is a small application that enables your iOS device to become a location tracker. The app communicates directly with the Raah servers so you can view the routes on a map. Take note that the app is just the tracking tool and it does not support monitoring. You have to monitor the routes on your computer by signing in to your Raah.Co account.

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So, how does this app work? First of all, you have to enable location services on your device to allow the app to use GPS signals and share the device;s location. After installing Route Tracker, just open its home screen to start tracking activities.

You can then monitor the movement of the tracker from your computer using the web-based service of Raah.Co website. The tracker sends its location every five seconds if it is moving below 25mph. If the movement is above 25mph, then tracking activity happens every 10 seconds.

To customize the tracking options, just open the settings menu and select the tracking mode you want. There are four different tracking modes available in the app: continuous, smart tracking, period, and super tracking. The user can turn off the tracking tool anytime from the settings menu"continuous tracking": The iPhone is tracked continuously until you stop tracking.

Some businesses track for 10-15 days continuously to analyze business activity over a period. "smart tracking": The gps route tracker automatically terminates and starts new routes when it detects stoppage and restart of movement. This way you don't need to bother about keeping track of tracking and this mode is generally used by taxi's tracker

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Best Features of Route Tracker

Route Tracker offers a straightforward tracking service that allows you to quickly track the device in real time. It uses GPS services and sends location information to the web-based service of Raah.Co.

This app uses cutting edge encryption to protect location data. It encrypts transported signals from the device to the Raah servers to prevent hacking and data breach.

Route Tracker also offers continuous tracking mode. This involves non-stop tracking for up to 15 days or until you decide to stop the service. This option is often used by business owners who want to track their vehicle fleet.

The app allows you to scale down tracking activities. It offers smart tracking that automatically detects vehicle stoppage. It will then create a new route when it detects movement.

For short period monitoring, the app allows you to set period tracking. You may also use the super tracking option which allows the app to send 40 coordinates per minute.

And lastly, the app offers seamless integration with Raah.Co web service. It immediately sends location signals the moment you activate any tracking option.

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Route Tracker Pro Version


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use GPS route tracker app
  • Smart touch control.
  • End-to-end encryption of location data
  • Allows you to customize tracking activities
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Online tutorial mode


  • Use of GPS quickly drains device battery
  • App may not work indoors

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Route Tracker is a commercial-grade route-tracking service. It offers real-time and accurate location tracking using your iOS device. It is ideal for fleet management, taxi services, and other business uses as well.

Route Tracker Pro Version

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