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Turbo Bill Calculator app review: feature-rich tip calculator with currency converter



Turbo Bill Calculator is a powerful tip calculator packed with lots of useful features. Unlike other typical tip calculators, Turbo Bill Calculator offers several custom features including adjustable tip percentages, tax guide, split tool, and currency converter. It even allows you to save bills in your device so you can review your monthly expenses. 

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Tip Calculator Free ( Turbo Tip, Tax , Currency Converter , Bill History , Tracker , Split Tips )


Figuring Out Tips Made Easier with Turbo Bill Calculator

There are numerous types of tip calculator apps in the App Store. Most of them offer very simple features that are good for quick calculations. Sometimes, however, you need some advanced features that will be very useful for certain situations. So, if you are looking for a tip calculator with advanced features, Turbo Bill Calculator is worth checking out.

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At first glance, you will immediately notice that Turbo is a one-of-a-kind app for calculating tips. It has a well-designed user interface set in white background. It offers lean modern fonts with subdued highlight colors that enhance visibility.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this app is the array of important tools available for you. It offers a currency converter which would be useful for travelers. It also offers fully adjustable tip percentages and a tax guide.

The app is free with a few ads popping up occasionally. It has a responsive screen that makes it easier for you to enter data. Most importantly, it displays results almost instantly with no lag or delay.

Turbo Bill Calculator immediately takes you the tip calculator. Just enter the total bill amount and set the tip percentage. It will then display the total tip that you can give to your server.

Best Features of Turbo Bill Calculator

Turbo Bill Calculator offers an impressive user interface that allows you to quickly calculate the exact amount of tip that you can give. It displays results instantly the moment you enter the percentage and bill amount.

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The app offers fully adjustable tip percentage. It does not limit you to standard customary tips of about 10% to 20%. It gives you complete control over the amount of tips that you want to give to your servers.

One of the best features of this app is the currency converter. It supports almost all major countries of the world. This is a useful tool for tourists and travelers. Another great feature of the app is the built-in tax guide. It allows you to view standard tax rates for tips. It covers all states in the United States and major cities from around the world.

And lastly, the app allows you to save bills in your device. It allows you to review your expenses which would be useful for business users.

Tip Calculator Free ( Turbo Tip, Tax , Currency Converter , Bill History , Tracker , Split Tips )


Pros and Cons


  • Professionally designed interface
  • Powerful bill calculator
  • With adjustable tip percentages
  • Offers an easy to use currency converter
  • With tax rate guide
  • Allows you to save bills for review


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Turbo Bill Calculator is the most feature-rich tip calculator for mobile devices. It offers a powerful bill calculator with a customizable tip percentage. There are many useful features including a currency converter, save option, and tax guide. This is a must-have app for tourists, business travelers, and restaurant patrons.


Tip Calculator Free ( Turbo Tip, Tax , Currency Converter , Bill History , Tracker , Split Tips )

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