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Write 2 app review


Write 2

Price: free (was $2.99)

Write 2 by Daniel V.W is a note-taking, markdown, writing, and editing app that helps you stay organized. It’s available for free right now, marked down for a limited time from $2.99 so check it out before the price goes back up.

The idea is to give you a smooth and seamless feel as you use your mobile device to type out your notes.

This ones is absolutely ideal with the new iPad and iPhone 5 as it is Retina display-ready with full-text search and print capabilities. You can do more than just jot down notes in this app; in fact, you can write full-out stories if you like adding to your plot as you think of things to write. It’s a handy way to have all your writing and notes with you at all times in a small compact device.

The features on this app seem almost endless with such things as an automatic save, print wirelessly, file/folder and full-text search, and the ability to sync with Dropbox. You can also make use of an additional iPod touch or iPhone as your external keyboard with the help of the free WriteMate app. You can type and read in full-screen mode, see a words and character count, change font size and type, and share your files through PDF attachments and email as well as through iTunes. The app even supports an international keyboard.

It’s all about making writing and editing as simple and quick for you as possible. You’ll feel like this app is actually just an extension of your desktop publishing program at times. Use it for your shopping lists and to-do lists, to jot down your ideas, write out party plans, use it as a journal, write down recipes; you can use this app for anything where you have to write.

Write 2 was updated on December 19. 2012. The update made several changes, including adding the ability to import from Dropbox. The app has a total of 239 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars.

I think this app is incredible. It has so many features! Anyone who writes anything more than a list on a daily basis should definitely download this app while it’s free.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later

Write - Notes & Writing


Write - Notes & Writing


Write - Notes & Writing

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