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LPGA app review: the official app from the Ladies Professional Golf Association 2021



Most official bodies for every branch of sports have an official iPhone golf app. Most of these stand out in quality, as they have access to all the official information, photos, results, and coverage of any match in their respective field.

The best iPad apps for golf

The same goes for the official app for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).

This golf app has recently been redesigned and updated to make the content even more accessible than ever before, and promises smooth navigation and robust statistics to improve the user experience.

With the new option to follow your favorite golf player, the app surely must quench your thirst for a smooth experience.

Keep reading our LPGA app review to learn more about this top golf app for iPhone and iPad golfers.



App Design, News, and Videos

First of all, you can tell the app has just gone through a full redesign. The experience is as smooth as promised and the entire design is easy to use and very intuitive. On the left side of the app is a handy Navigation bar that you will know form the famous Apple school of design.

The best iPhone apps for golf-2021

One of the newly added features is a news carrousel,  allowing you to effortlessly navigate through the top five news items while the rest of the information on the page is still displayed.

The app also host a ton of videos, which can all be streamed straight from the app. These videos load rather quickly as well, so you will never have to wait very long to watch the latest interviews with golf players, match summaries, and other interesting video items. 

App Design, News, and Videos image

Other Features and Social Options

Within the app you can also see detailed player information, including all their statistics. A full schedule of tournaments held in 2013 are available, with a history of all the results ready for you to dive into.

Best iphone and ipad apps

On the statistics page you can find a top list of best earners, though you can easily customize this list by sorting it using one of the many different statistics available.

Within the app you can also find the Twitter feed of the LPGA, where you can read the latest news straight from Twitter, and here you can also reply and retweet or favorite a tweet.

Other Features and Social Options image



Pros and Cons


  • A very complete app
  • Loads fast
  • Tons of different stats
  • Individual player stats


  • No options to share the news or other items

Pros and Cons image


The update the LGPA app has received has been a welcome one. One of the main gripes I have with the app is the lack of social interaction, which should be optimized to make the sport even more popular.

All the news, videos and other items load quickly and the app is designed to be used by everyone. Live scores and a history of all events played this year are a fantastic addition and very helpful for all the stat addicts out there.

The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone, and comes in at just under 3 MB, but all media needs to be loaded off the Internet. 


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