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Download from AppStore, the Networked Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership is an initiative of,,,,,,,,,, and to gather, in and centered from RECIFE, BRAZIL, a host of experts and learners in all things related to local systems of innovation based upon the DIGITAL platforms, from machine architecture to genetic editing, from smart cities to robotics, from new forms of entrepreneurship to large scale digital transformation in organizations and society.’s main aim is to serve as a platform for [investigation, planning, prototyping and building] the future and, as part of our range of objectives, we plan to provide frameworks to address both the opportunities for developing new technologies and their uses but also to discuss its impacts, both positive and negative, on people, institutions, organizations and society. will gather diverse constituencies, host events, do research, create policy frameworks and develop demonstration projects, connecting and creating a networked environment for engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, policy creators, journalists, geeks, media, and public intellectuals to debate and engage one another on the key issues in our agenda. We imagine that one of the likely effects of our actions will be to educate people and society in things we think, discuss and do.