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Like Chelsea football club, Buffalo Wings, and apparently the wizardly game of Quidditch, My 5ive’s origins can be found in that most productive of entrepreneurial venues, the pub. A place where dreamers have always been free to dream, and the impossible could seem just a short skip away. Although, we hasten to add, that for this group of business musketeers, it was not just any old ale house. You see, for this narrative, the pub in question, as the boys from Wham might say, had fun, sunshine, and unlike the famous Club of Tropicana, the sea. It was into this Corfu establishment that our three founders used to stray for one week, every year ,and exchange pleasantries with the owner, an elderly sage known to the locals only as “Mickey-Lad”. And it was here, after a late afternoon diet of cold lager, Greek Gyros, and the lower division play-off coverage, that the idea of My 5ive first reared its head.
On returning to London and their lives of 9 to 5 conformity, rather than leave it behind like an ill-advised holiday romance, our founders decided this was an idea well worth developing and as such work commenced. Realising their skills were not quite enough to gain the result they needed, it wasn’t long before 3 became 5, and My 5ive went from being a concept in the clouds, to the reality you see before you.

My 5ive lives to give you a chance to share the things you love or hate with the world. Find out if those petty annoyances, or dreamy loves, are shared by the rest of the populations, and tap into the current pulse of a nation.

We live to be the only destination that can tell you whether David Beckham is more popular than a toasted sandwich, or if cyclist jumping red lights is more annoying than the current EU regulatory policy.

And remember – whatever it may be, there is always someone who want to know your latest 5………..