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East African Tree Planner

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East African Tree planner is an awesome tool for tree planting, planning and design of plantations and woodlots, with incorporated 249 indigenous shrub and tree species to East Africa.

Bring this app to your devices, it assist you to prepare, just with a few finger tip clicks, a successful reforestation project.
If you ever have wanted to plant a single tree, or more than thousands shrubs and trees, separately or together, set up your plot properties, like dimensions, altitude above sea level and ecological zone. Instantly it will give you a terrain at your dimensions and at your bio physical situation, where you can indicate easily your soil types conditions. The app propose you a choice out of more than 13 plantation types, from indigenous fruit trees, to natural woodlots or plantations for production Use the wish list, who propose shrubs and trees adapted to your specific ecological conditions, to plan your parcels and record your shrubs and trees ready for planting, indicating number of trees needed and planting distances.
The home menu allow you to save your plot and design new or other plots as much as you wish, in any imaginable dimensions and under any desired climate zone, you can share your plant list, just by sending it, with a colleague or an indigenous plant nursery.
A comprehensive list of the 249 shrubs and trees, with photos and some basic information can be searched following set criteria.

The author has been working since 2002 in Uganda, East Africa, especially on sustainable agriculture systems and collecting data on indigenous shrubs and trees. A part of his experience is made available to you by this application.
If you want to find out which shrub and tree species you can plant on your plot(s), and how many seedlings you need, than this app is made for you.

All the information is on your device and there is no need for an WiFi connection while using the app.