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CALC 1-Over 80 Calculators for Finance, Statistics, Business, Science and more.

iPhone / iPad
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CALC 1 is designed from the ground up for iOS to be powerful, easy to use, with a complete set of features and customization.

* Over 80 calculators instead of just 1 found on copies of hardware calculators.
* Hundreds of solutions instead of a few dozen.
* More solutions provided by your calculator = fewer mistakes from entering formulas.

* CALC 1's calculators have fewer, larger keys and the keys you need are on the top row.
* Press and hold any key to display a hint for that key.
* Undo to easily recover from mistakes.
* Key Preview displays the value right on the key. Great for TVM calculations!
* Tap the “?” on any calculator or screen for documentation and examples.

* Chain, algebraic and RPN calculation modes.
* Currency and UOM conversions from any calculator.
* Recall recent results and inputs from the history list.
* Graph any of the over 60 Formula Calculators.
* Layouts that make the most of you iPhone or iPad, portrait or landscape.
* Choose your own screen and key styles.

* Copy and paste keys to build calculators that work for YOU.
* CALC 1 uses spreadsheet compatible formulas. NO programming!
* Customization saves time and reduces mistakes from entering formulas.

CALC 1 is best used for: Accounting; Banking; Business Studies; Finance; General Math; Real Estate; Science; Statistics; Pre-Algebra/Algebra

Buy CALC 1 and get the best features of the classic calculators instead of a copy of just one.

See the "Financial Calculator Comparison Chart" (link on the CALC 1 website) for a detailed comparison of features.

* 23 Focused Calculators with over 300 unique keys.
* 60+ Formula Calculators with solving and graphing.
* Key previews display the values on the key.
* Long Press any key to display a hint for the key.
* A help button (?) on each calculator for documentation and examples for that calculator.
* Undo/Redo to recover from mistakes.
* 190+ spreadsheet compatible functions.
* Currency and UOM conversions are available from any calculator.
* The History List keeps details of the last 200+ calculations so you can and quickly recall results.
* Automatically saves calculation inputs that can be restored.
* The List Manager allows you to review and edit statistics and cash flow lists of data.
* Calculator keys can be copied and pasted to create custom calculators.
* Users can create custom calculator keys without programming.
* Choose your own screen and key styles.
* Free downloads of updated and new calculators.

Partial List of Focused Calculators
* TVM with annual interest rate and payments and compounding periods per year.
* TVM with periodic interest rate, similar to the 12C.
* Math: General (M+, %)
* Common Conversions (1 tap conversions in addition to conversion forms available from any calculator)
* Statistics: 1 List (Central tendency and spread)
* Statistics: 2 Lists (Correlation and line fitting)
* Financial: Bonds (Price and Yield)
* Financial: Cash Flows (Cash Flow Analysis: NPV, NFV, IRR, MIRR)
* Statistics: Probabilities (Probability and statistics functions)
* Math: Trigonometry (General math and trig)
* Curve Fitting: LIN, Ln, EXP, PWR, Expnt, INV

Partial List of Formula Calculators (See support URL for complete list)
You can create a graph as a function of any independent variable.
You can create your own custom Formula Calculator.
* Percent Change
* Percent of Total
* Markup as Percent of Cost and Price
* Profit Margin
* Breakeven
* Normal Distribution PDF, CDF (with upper tail, 2 tails, 2 values)
* Binomial Distribution PMF, CDF
* Student T Distribution 1 and 2 tails

Form Calculators let you view all inputs and results on one form.
Some calculators apps call theirs "easy mode"
* Loan
* Time Value of Money
* Amortization
* Bonds
* Depreciation
* Currency Conversions
* UOM Conversions
* Dates

CALC 1 has more calculators and features than can be listed here. See the Support URL for more information.