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GlobalTime App grants it's users an easy way to organize schedules and comprehend time, more specifically time zones and diferent time relations, in an easy and familiar way.

As the user interacts more and more with GlobalTime App he will manage to understand our method of time globalization, in order to facilitate his life in so many ways as he can just imagine. Perhaps, once, he'll even be able to convert local time to globalized time without even the need of consulting GlobalTime App.

So give it a try, be a user!

Globalize your time and make your every day life easier.

GlobalTime App is brought to you by a common local woman from Guadalajara, Mexico, as quite a while ago (when apps weren't even a thing) waiting in Los Angeles International Airport she and her husband almost lost a flight to Tokyo due to a slight confussion over the hour their flight was departing. This, of course, thanks to the diferent times between their home town, LA, and the capital of Japan.

After that, as the years passed she thought over and over the idea of a globalized time, and she came up with a standardization giving a letter (from A to X) to each numeric hour of the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and linking to it the time.equivalents on each one of the time zones.

She came up with the idea sometime around the year 2000, but there she figured that the problem, back then, was that she wasn't going to be able to make her idea expand to the whole world.

Now, in 2015, she worked together with some young programmers in her home town to bring GlobalTime App to the world, and we all hope you guys like it, and this standardization of time finally becomes "a thing".