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Questioning Sequence

  • Education
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Peer observation is a proven strategy for increasing your effectiveness as a teacher. Research has shown that focused, specific, data-rich feedback and collegial conversations lead to real improvement in practice.

Each App in this suite is designed to give teachers feedback on one element of their practice. By inviting a colleague to observe your use of question sequences you’ll be best able to strategically use the different types of questions in the classroom.

Questioning sequence: Bar graph

What this App measures
This App measures the number of questions and the type of questions (detail, category, elaboration, evidence) that a teacher asks in a defined period.

Why that matters
Marzano’s research shows that well sequenced questions help students to scaffold their learning. Good question sequencing can assist students to remain engaged with the content. See more on the video.

What you need to know to use this App effectively
Familiarity with Marzano’s work will be helpful.
• Detail questions ask students to explain information they have acquired.
• Category questions are based around ‘compare and contrast’ or identifying similarities and differences.
• Elaboration questions ask the students to give reasons or draw conclusions.
• Evidence questions ask students to provide sources or to examine their own reasoning.
Tap on the appropriate button each time you hear a colleague ask a question.

What does the data show
The completed data will show the number of each type of questions that have been asked and will represent it in a bar graph for a quick visual comparison. It will not show the exact sequence of questions but will provide feedback on whether questions have been asked in each of the four phases. See more on the video.

How the data can be used in teacher coaching
Questioning technique is a complex skill with many dimensions. It is helpful to break question technique into smaller components and help teachers to set goals for improvement in each area of this technique over a period of time.