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Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha divination wheel is the method from "sutra on the divination of the effect of good and evil actions". The division for seeking something is not a buddhist should do, but practicing the capability to deal with all is. We are only ordinary human beings that impossible to foresee and see through the cause and effect of the things around us. It ends up they will disturb our practicing and prevent us from the status we are looking for.

This App emphasizes on the mindfulness and corresponds to Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha's wishes then the enlightened the way. Simply concentrate on what you want to ask. Tap or drag to the location you plan to drop on the screen.

Throwing method
1. Past:
There are ten evil deeds that could have be done before thus bring to what you are today. Throw ten all or some of them by tapping the segment again to choose.
2. Physical, verbal, mental:
Depending on what you have got from the first throw, you can tap again to ask weight of the good or evil deed. If it matches, such as good for good, match button will show for your record.
3. Now, then, future: You throw six wheels 3 times. It will automatically sum and bring up what it means.