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Dr. Max Muscle

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Who else wants to build muscle mass fast?

If you want to build muscle mass faster, then Dr. Max Muscle will become your new favorite app.

When you're working out, use Dr. Max Muscle to know what weights and reps you should lift to build as much muscle mass as fast as possible.

Dr. Max Muscle tells you how much you should be lifting today based on your last 3 workouts. It uses advanced daily undulating periodization models, to make sure you grow your muscles as fast as possible every time you work out.

To show you how it works, here's an example for the bench press:

- Step 1: You enter the weight you used last time you benched
- Step 2: You enter how many reps you did
- Step 3: Repeat for your last 3 workouts
- You're done! Dr. Max Muscle shows you a chart with your max strength (1RM) progress
- Based on your progress, Dr. Max Muscle tells you what weights and reps you should lift today to build muscle as fast as possible

The recommendations Dr. Max Muscle will give you are based on scientifically validated formulas and models. We even hired a PhD scientist expert in muscle developpement to validate everything for us!

With Dr. Max Muscle, you will:

- Build muscle mass faster
- Get faster and stronger
- Gain pound after pound of muscle and add inches to your chest, arms, shoulders, and more!

Imagine when you will get:

- Rock-solid six-pack abs
- Sleeve-splitting biceps
- A button-popping chest
- Shoulders like huge rocks
- A massive, muscular back

Download Dr. Max Muscle today to build muscle mass faster with the world's smartest personal trainer in your pocket.