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Online shopping allows you to select from a wide variety of options for anything you want to buy. But how often do you actually shop online against personally going to your favorite stores or visiting that local mall? Online shopping might sometimes fetch you cheaper deals but do you really trust the vendor sitting thousands of miles away selling you his goods? What if the fancy jacket you ordered online, turned out to be of sub-standard quality? Or the expensive crockery set that you purchased paying a couple thousand bucks got damaged while shipping? Of course they promise you to replace damaged/lost goods, but you know how painful it is to go through their formalities and how unresponsive they become when it comes to giving back the refund.
Now think about the good old days before the advent of online shopping where you would shop from trustworthy stores in your neighborhood, staying assured that the quality was something you could take for granted or that the vendor was someone whom you knew personally and who would assist you in all ways possible should things go wrong.

What made you go away from that reliable means of shopping and turn to online options? Wasn't that because you thought you would get cheaper deals and multiple options online? But were you aware that your neighborhood stores or your local malls also come up with special discounts and new arrival offers every now and then?

However, currently there’s no organised way for you to know about that. In order to stay updated with exciting new stuff, you sometimes share your contact numbers or email id’s with various stores and on different websites. But later you realise how annoying it becomes when your phone won’t stop buzzing with unsolicited emails or SMS’s. They clobber your message boxes among other important conversations and more often than not, those promotional offers come at a time when you least wanted to buy anything.

What if, there was a way to turn the tables and rather than stores and businesses sending you nagging emails or text messages, you had a way to check out all the relevant ongoing sales, discounts and new arrivals coming to your favorite stores?

LocalVocal is a unique platform designed to do just that.

It allows you to:
* Discover your favorite shops around and follow them to stay updated with all they have to offer.
* Search for anything you want to buy and LocalVocal will give you results from the stores you have subscribed and also others which are in a 5 km radius from your current location.
* Connect with the store owners using the inbuilt chat feature to enquire further or place an order and discuss delivery options.
* Get a better idea about the store by reading user reviews and experiences.
* Check out photographs of the store or their inventory.
* You can also unfollow a shop if you are no more interested in it.

So download this unique app now and discover the power of having trusted and reliable information at your hands before you chose to risk your trust and money on unknown vendors on an e-commerce website.

In an overwhelmingly abundant online e-commerce market, how often do we fail to realise that most of the products that we are searching for might be available right around the corner in our own localities at an equally competitive price. Discover the unlimited potential of small scale and retail businesses around and benefit from their various offerings by staying up-to-date with them by using LocalVocal.