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EduSnap - Classroom Observation Measure

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• EduSnap Description
Children spend an average of 72,000 minutes in school each year. EduSnap provides educators with a minute-by-minute picture of children’s experiences in the classroom by quantifying their school day using codes classified into four components: Activity Settings, Content Areas, Student Learning Approaches, and Teaching Approaches. EduSnap helps educators examine the decisions, both unintentional and unquestioned that teachers make regarding aspects of the children’s day and how these decisions translate to the experiences children have in their educational settings.

• EduSnap Observation
EduSnap is a time-sampling observation measure that describes classroom practice in pre-K and elementary-school classrooms. Users collect data using Apple devices such as iPads. This electronic data collection method eliminates the need for data entry and analysis after observations are complete. Additionally, the EduSnap application has a built-in timer to keep users on track with clear cues directing when to observe and when to code. Users can view definitions and examples for each EduSnap code at any time. Each EduSnap license affords users unlimited observations during the licensed period.

• EduSnap Data
EduSnap Data are presented in easy-to-read graphs depicting the percentage of time children spend engaged in each of the 25 EduSnap codes. All users receive a set of seven graphs including: Activity Settings, Components of Literacy, Components of Math, Content Area Balance, Content Area Integration, Student Learning Approaches, and Teaching Approaches. EduSnap is effective in a variety of contexts; data can be viewed at the classroom, grade, school, district, program, or state level. Data can be gathered for different time periods depending upon the needs of the project. For example, for a full day, for a literacy block, or for a small group instructional periods.

• EduSnap for Professional Development
The fresh perspective offered by EduSnap is intended to promote inquiry and reflection for the purposes of driving professional development and guiding and monitoring efforts to improve the quality of learning experiences for children.