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DWI Attorney

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Law Offices of Jonathan J Paull
(713)-225-1525 |
The Commercial Bank Building
917 Franklin, Suite 250 Houston, Texas 77002

Jonathan J. Paull is a respected DWI Attorney in Houston,Texas. He has experience of dismissing hundreds of DWI cases.

Any attorney can get on their website and say "I am a fighter, I'll fight for you", well, under our canons of ethics that we have to follow, you are required to fight for your clients, your are required to zealously advocate for your client. But what experience brings is the know how of when to flight for your client, how to flight for your client, where to flight for your client and who to flight with.

If you do not know those things going into a case, then you are really handicapped, I have been doing DWI cases since 1998. I understand what the Judges are looking for when you present an argument to them, I understand what the prosecutor are looking for when you ask them to dismiss a case. THAT’S IMPORTANT. I have been doing this for a long time, and experience matters.

One of the things that experience does is, it brings respect. When you walk in to a court room, prosecutors listen to you more carefully, Judges listen to your arguments more carefully and with that you can get better results for your client.

Some of my best work happens not when you are in trial but when you are negotiating to get a case dismissed. You do not want to go thru the agony of a trial, and I have won a lot of trials, nobody likes to be cross examined, nobody likes to be see their life put into a jury's hand.

I am a member of national college of DUI defense. I am a Certified expert in the administration of Field sobriety tests. I have published a manual on Search & Seizure and I am the only attorney to get a Non-Guilty verdict using PTSD defense.

I have been doing this a long time, put a lot of effort into this, because your represent people and people' lives are in your hand. When you represent a defendant you not just represent him, you represent the people who dependent on him. That is what a good attorney has to keep in mind.