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1Degree - Create Connections You Never Imagined Possible!

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
  • Entertainment
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1Degree provides Users the opportunity to video chat live, directly, face-to-face with their favorite Influencers, anytime and anywhere.

How it works:

Follow your favorite Influencers for the opportunity to video chat with them. You will receive a push notification when an Influencer you follow creates a live auction of back-to-back one minute video chats. You can then bid on each one-minute time slot to video-chat directly with that Influencer. The winner of each slot will be the highest bidder or the first person to reach the $200 bid cap. And Voila! You really get to chat face-to-face with someone who influences your life! After your chat, the Influencer can donate the proceeds to charity and message you if they would like to continue the conversation.

Key Features:
[+] SIGN-UP: You can sign up as an Influencer or a User. Influencers can create and bid on auctions,while Users can only bid on auctions. Anyone can be an Influencer.
[+] VIDEO CHAT: After a time-slot is won, the User will have two minutes to write a custom message that will be displayed to the Influencer during the video chat in order to frame the conversation...or in case you get too excited and forget what you wanted to say. Both parties will be notified when there is five seconds left in the conversation in order to say goodbye.
[+] SECURITY: All chats are LIVE. 1Degree does not record or store any of your conversations. However, to prevent against misconduct, both parties have the ability to terminate the chat at any point. If a chat is terminated, the chat will be flagged and reviewed by the 1Degree team who will take the appropriate financial action.
[+] MESSAGING: After your chat, the Influencer has the ability to message the User. Only an Influencer can initiate a message, but the user can respond as long as that message window is open.
[+] PRIVACY: 1Degree is not a social networking application. People will not be able to see how many auctions you have conducted, how many followers you have, proceeds generated, etc.