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PiSA tablet

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With PiSA sales tablet for iPad, you have access to your PiSA sales CRM solution anytime, anywhere. Ingeniously simple to use and equipped with powerful features all your contact data, appointments, tasks, documents, quotes, orders, service calls, a FAQ database and much more is available to you. PiSA sales tablet is individually adaptable to your needs just as the desktop and tablet versions of the PiSA sales CRM.

PiSA sales tablet starts with your individual cockpit. There, you can display e.g. your recent quotes, upcoming appointments, selected contacts, open tasks or important documents as a favorite or in lists. With a tap, you can change to the required data set.

Messages and collaboration
Communicate via short messages with other PiSA sales users and send links to documents, quotes or tasks. Upon request, you can get those messages automatically via push and change with one more tap to the related object. Process-related chats are available as well. The PiSA sales CRM informs you immediately about news in processes you are working with. This is done via the Apple Push Notification Service. One tap on the message will lead you directly to the proper context in the PiSA sales CRM.

Full-text search
The powerful EUREKA full-text search integrated in the app allows you to find your data reliably and fast, including contacts (persons, companies), activities (tasks, appointments etc.), sales processes (opportunities, quotes, orders), service data (service calls, service objects, FAQs), documents (including content search) and more.

PiSA sales tablet offers you quick access to the contact management of your PiSA sales CRM. Besides the most important contact data of persons and companies, you can display addresses on a map. Contacting persons can be done comfortably via phone, e-mail or SMS function directly in the app. The entry of new contacts is as easy as searching for and editing of already existing contacts or companies. Prepare yourself for your next customer visit by accessing all data in the company cockpit.

Use the activity management of your PiSA sales CRM on your smartphone: find, create, lead and edit phone calls, e-mails, appointments, tasks and memos comfortably as well as easily read and comment visit reports.

PiSA sales tablet enables you to access the document management of your PiSA sales CRM. The app shows you the most important document details and opens documents in the native viewer. Moreover, you can upload or save documents from your photos folder or iCloud account directly in the PiSA sales CRM.

PiSA sales tablet makes it easy to search, display and edit business opportunities, quotes and orders as well as related information such as documents, contacts or activities. Of course, you can see the respective scope of delivery in all sales processes.

The app allows you to search, display and enter service calls or tickets. You have access to service objects (products relevant for service) and the FAQ database of your PiSA sales CRM.

With PiSA sales tablet you get access to all data of marketing campaigns such as fairs, events or publications. You can find all information about related activities, organizational contacts and participants, display event locations on a map or download documents.

Property-related contract business
The app offers you a specifically dedicated section for the property-related contract business that provides a consolidated and well-structured view of all properties as well as a wealth of linked information.

To use the app you need a respective PiSA sales license. Please contact your administrator or PiSA sales application supervisor.