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The Bee My Guide is an app specifically created for visually impaired people to help them have the experience of vision through visualisation and be more independent.

The following functions are available through this app:
(Device Camera should be used in Portrait orientation and *must* have a back Camera)

1) My Vision:
This function allows the users to capture a photo, which is then processed with the use of visual recognition API’s, and then what they are looking at is spoken out to them, along with the text and description of the object(s) in the photo. If the app detects a person, it will speak out the gender, age, description (glasses, headgear, emotion) and also identify the person if he or she looks like a celebrity.

2) Check My Money
This app also addresses the common problem faced by visually impaired people across the globe when counting money. Currently set up to detect rupees and dollars. We are working on improving it to enhance the accuracy of the results.

3) What's around Me?
This function asks you to rotate the device 360 degrees, scanning everything around you tells you what is to your left/right/front and behind. This enables the visually impaired user to get a picture of the room or setting in which he or she is situated.

4) Location:
Though this feature can be found with maps, this conveniently incorporates into the app to ensure less navigation from the user’s end.

5) Weather:
Uses weather API to get weather and speak out, which is another convenient feature for the user.

6) Find My Stuff:
Taking the “What’s around Me?” function one step further, this function will enable the visually impaired to locate the object they are looking for, in terms of relative angle to their current position. The app prompts the user to speak the word of the object that needs to be found and then starts the scanning process discussed earlier. For example, if the user speaks the word "books" and rotates the device, it will try and locate a book in the 360 degrees view and tell them the direction they can find it, for example, 45 degrees to your right etc.

***** All functions require internet access and work best on higher upload speeds. Response time depends on the internet speed. *****