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Poke Map for Pokemon GO - Find all the Rare Pokemon with Radar Vision

iPhone / iPad
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Poke Map for Pokemon GO helps you discover the location of all the Pokemon found by players in your community with Radar Vision.

It's easy and fast to see where all the Pokemon have been spotted with the precise time they were found. It includes a basic filter between all Pokemon and the ones you've pinned.

With the Pro membership we've included an advanced filter that lets you create groups of Pokemon you're looking for or you can list all the ones you've already captured to only see whatever rare Pokemon you haven't yet caught.

You can easily remove pins you've set as well as place Pokemon markers anywhere, not just your current location (some other apps have this limitation). This is convenient if you don't want to mark your exact location or you found a Pokemon earlier but have since moved your location.

You may drop a marker at your house by accident. You don't want people showing up at your door at midnight looking for Pokemon. That's why we've give you full control.

We have a great "Autocomplete" search tool to help you type and select the Pokemon you want in a split second instead of scrolling through huge lists. WAYYYY BETTER!

With the voting system, you can down vote any markers that did not appear properly for you and they can be removed from the map. If someone gets enough down votes because they've been posting multiple fake locations, then we can remotely deactivate their account. This curation will lead to a much improved experience over anything else in the app store.

This is a crowd sourced app that depends on players submitting their Pokemon finds from the Pokemon GO game. It may take time for Pokemon to appear in the app for your local area as more players start to use it.

- Alerts... get an alert when a desired Pokemon appears nearby!
- Locate Pokemon on Map with Radar Vision
- Enhanced UI and UX... best experience in the app store
- Drop markers for Pokemon anywhere you select
- Create a custom account to save your profile
- Tracks your pins
- Delete your own pins
- Filter by groups of Pokemon, not just one at time (advanced version in Pro membership)
- Auto-complete Pokemon search/selection... very quick and easy to find Pokemon
- Created and supported by a global community of Pokemon GO fans

Consider the Pro membership for an ad-free experience and unlocking the Filter tool.

* Note - This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Niantic, Nintendo, or Pokemon brand. This is a fan app for the Pokemon GO game that enhances the fan community experience with crowd sourced location data only.