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  • Release Date:Jul 11, 2008
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The original voice and call recorder for iOS. Recorder is your one-button audio recording solution. Check out our site to see a video of it in action

(please note that Recorder requires iOS 4.0 or later!)

1) Record for seconds or hours.

2) Seek, pause during playback.

3) Email short recordings.

4) Wifi sync any recordings.

5) 44.1k high quality recording.

6) Pause while record.

7) Level meters.

8) Visual trim.

9) Record calls (outgoing)

10) Create an account (optional) so you'll always be able to transfer your recordings between devices.

...and yes, many more features on the way.

iPod Touch generation 2 compatibility requires external microphone!

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iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone