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Find My Phone

iPhone / iPad
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Do you ever worry about losing your phone? How would you get it back?

With Find My Phone, you can leverage all of the capabilities of your iPhone to get it back. This app determines its current location using GPS and packs this info into an email so you know exactly where your phone is. It even includes a Google Maps link to its current location!

After configuring your email and phone number, folks who find your phone can easily get in touch with you right from the app's main screen.

This is a good start, and it is where most apps stop.

But what if the person who found your phone doesn't want to get in touch with you? Maybe they want to keep the nice phone they just found. Wouldn't it be nice if the app could send you its location without requiring any action from the person who found it? Well, with Find My Phone, you can configure the app to send you its location in an email, and to even call you, automatically when it is launched. The person who found your phone may not even realize that this information is getting sent to you when they run the app.

And finally, you can now configure the app to send you an email every hour. For this option to work, you must leave the app running and the phone turned on. In exchange for a decrease in your battery life, you will receive hourly emails detailing your phone's journey.

Don't rely on the person who found you phone knowing which contact to call, or to follow up and actually get in touch with sure of it with Find My Phone.


A couple of points based on reviewer feedback:

- Be sure to launch the app at least twice so it will stop asking the user if it's OK to determine your current location. From that point on, the app will determine its location automatically when launched.

- There is currently no way to launch this app, or any other app, remotely.

- Be sure to add to your address book to avoid location emails from being filtered out as spam.