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iBeSafe - Instant Life Saving Help on your iPhone ( iPhone Only )

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iBeSafe should be installed on every iPhone in existence today and should be located on your icon dock so it is handy from your main iPhone screen. Just pressing the icon for iBeSafe instantly loads iBeSafe with a flashing RED and BLUE lights, just like the police and with huge letters displaying the word "HELP"! Not only does iBeSafe have red and blue flashing lights, it also has the police siren sound going off instantly so people will take notice to keep you safe.

It does not matter if you are holding your iPhone portrait or landscape, or even upside down. iBeSafe figures out which way is up and adjusts it self to display the HELP message correctly.

iBeSafe can be seen from over a mile and can alert anyone that you are in need of help!

iBeSafe is a must have iPhone application if the following ever happens to you:

1. You are stuck on the side of the road at night and are out of cell phone range.
2. You are walking to your car at night and do not feel safe.
3. You have a medical condition and cant talk
4. You are in the middle of a bank robbery and are next to a window, you can use your iPhone to save the day and flash a message to the outside world.
5. Are in a car accident or in a building collapse and the rescue workers are trying to locate you.

The list goes on! Be safe and feel safe anytime and anywhere with just one button press on your iPhone with iBeSafe!