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Arabic Email Keyboard

iPhone / iPad
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If you want a Keyboard for all contextual forms please purchase the Arabic Email Keyboard deluxe, not this one. They are not the same application.

The Arabic alphabet is the script used for writing several languages of Asia and Africa, such as Arabic, Persian, and Urdu.

Finally people wanting to send email messages in this language through the iPhone will be able to do so! Incredulously, there is no default keyboard in this important language in the basic features of the phone. There is no other application that will enable you to send messages in this language.

The Arabic Keyboard is a very extensive project. The iPhone doesn't fully support the arabic language; so we had to make some cut backs in the application. This basic version of the application will enable the user to comunicate perfectly in arabic. However, we currently do not support all Contextual characters such as the Isolated, final, medial and initial forms. As you type the message, you will be able to type all characters shown in the table, but you will not be able to see the different contextual characters. However, all major email clients will AUTOMATICALLY correct all texts showing all contextual characters (please see image previews).

We decided to post the application because of the high demand we've had for it! Please look out for Arabic Email Keyboard Deluxe version with amazing features, including the different contextual forms and additional characters and formating that are missing in this primitive version; for this much needed language communication. Finally a way for the large Arabic writing community to communicate!

Our next version will also let you edit the text fully, including fonts, colors. format and size!

Keywords: Arab, Muslim, Arabic and Middle East.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us
(Please type your e-mails in English)

Update: Feb 6, 2009. We now provide a tool to search YouTube videos in Arabic, please search for this new application under Arabic YouTube Search. Thank you.

Note: Apple accepted our last update, whole set of letters is here, ready to download!