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Calc41C: An HP41 Calculator for the iPhone

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Calc41C emulates the venerable and much respected HP41C calculator.


● Continuous memory, across closing the app,
● Numeric entry,
● Alphanumeric entry for functions and program labels,
● Numeric rounding,
● Transcendental functions,
● Trigonometric functions,
● Conversion between degrees, radians, grads,
● Conversion between hours minutes seconds and decimal hours,
● Polar/Rectangular coordinate conversions,
● Logarithmic and exponential functions,
● Basic statistical functions including mean and std deviation,
● Decimal/octal conversion,
● Program entry and editing,
● User assignable keyboard for built-in functions or programs

Manuals and Help

On-line manuals for the HP41C that are applicable to Calc41C can be found by searching the web for 'HP41C manual'.

Of course, actual printed manuals are also applicable, and may sometimes be obtained through auction sites or locally.


Calc41C is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Key-click will only be available over headphones on 1st generation iPod Touch models.

Sound (BEEP and TONE) are not emulated, though a key-click may be toggled by touching the status bar.