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Sound Tricorder

iPhone / iPad
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Sound Tricorder TR-3G100

This Sound Tricorder TR-3G100 is a pocket sound utility. This Tricorder tracks and displays your last update, speed, location on the planet Earth in Altitude, Latitude, Longitude with accuracy.

You can activate "Alert" button to use bright white light. Or You can activate "Danger" button to use red light. You can trigger "Beam" button, "Power" button, "Stun" gun button, "Laser" gun button for special sound effects. Press "Analyze" button to receive immediate report from your Tricorder Officer. Scan any life form by pressing "Bio Scan" button.

You will enjoy a modern style of Tricorder with more and higher quality sound effects, better texture and colorful interface and fun animations.

- White Light
- Red Light
- Display your Geo Coordinates
- Display your moving distance
- Display your moving speed
- 16-bit high quality sound effects
- Quality animations

- 9 voiced messages
- 4 Power sound effects
- 4 Beam sound effects
- 2 Danger sound effects
- 2 Alert sound effects
- 2 Radar sound effects
- 2 Sonar sound effects
- 1 Stun gun sound effect
- 1 Laser gun sound effect
- 1 Bio Scan sound effect

Total = 28 sound effects

Twitter: bayareaparty

All feedback and comments from our users will be taken into considerations. Feel free to express features you would like to see added to Tricorder.

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Keywords: Star, Trek, Space, Universe, Tricorder, Weapon, Captain, Officer, Life form

Disclaimer: Tricorder is not an actual weapon. It is fictitious simulation of a futuristic weapon. Do not attempt to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a medical device.