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Filipino Phrases: How to Argue, Use Slang, and More!

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Take your Filipino/Tagalog to the next level with Filipino Phrases: How to Argue, Use Slang, and More!! This is a dedicated phrasebook that will teach the user to say and quickly recognize common phrases in a myriad of life's situations: hanging out with friends, going to gatherings, food and dining, the ever popular Filipino "chismis" (gossip) talk, and pop culture sayings (stuff you'll hear with friends and in Filipino movies all the time). A lot of the phrases you'll find in this app aren't usually taught in books and classes. Most may learn these phrases in bits and pieces only through interactions with their Filipino friends.

There are almost 1200 total phrases and 200 essential words spread over eleven (11) categories. This dedicated phrasebook greatly expands on the 250 item sentences section found in our highly rated sister app Conversational Tagalog. While Conversational Tagalog teaches the beginner a proper way of using words to form sentences, everyday conversations in any language consist of phrases and sayings that may not mean what is said literally. For example, "wait a sec" doesn't mean that you want the listener to wait exactly one second. It can mean that you are busy at this moment and you will get back to them as soon as you can. Or, it can signal that there is something that was spoken that will need clarification.

Those new to the language will get a quick primer on phrases that would normally fly right by them. You'll learn to recognize these popular phrases as they are spoken. After a little practice by listening to the native speaker, you'll sound like a pro. Your friends and acquaintances will be amazed!!

Here's what to expect:
Included in this product are:

1. An almost 1200 item phrase book and over 200 select words spread out over eleven (11) categories:

- Basics
- Greetings/Thank You/Goodbye
- Food and Drinks
- Health and Emergency
- Weather
- Money and Shopping
- Love and Dating
- Comments and Observations
- Arguments
- Travel and Directions
- Hotels

Listen to the native speaker speak each word or phrase!! Practice along!!

2. A global search function to allow for easy lookup in English or Filipino. (Partial words/phrases are allowed)

3. A 'Quiz Me' game that tests you on random phrases/words in the phrase book.

4. A 'Teach Me 1" random phrase display screen so that you can learn a new phrase at random without the distraction or stress of seeing a long phrase list.

Here's what NOT to expect:
DON'T EXPECT R RATED (OR WORSE) PHRASES IN THIS PHRASEBOOK. This app's phrases are rated at PG. You'll find a lot of the included phrases/words at typical friends and family gatherings, movies, and everyday life. Even though there are no R rated expressions, you'll be able to hold your own in a multitude of situations.

IT IS NOT A DEDICATED DICTIONARY APP OR SENTENCE BUILDER. A focus of this app is to teach the user a lot of popular phrases that you'll hear in the Filipino culture. We have a highly rated sister app in iTunes called Conversational Tagalog that has a 2500 item word list/mini dictionary and 100+ sentences that teach sentence building through patterns and word substitutions. Once you've got an idea of how sentences are built from our app Conversational Tagalog, this app will take you to the next level. You'll be able to use what you've learned in Conversational Tagalog to make the sentences in Filipino Phrases your own.