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Traffic Light

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Have you ever dreamed of watching your own traffic light right from your desk? If so it's really high time! Traffic Light is definitly worth watching and a nice device to control and optimize your time:

- Finish your phone call before the light turns to red.
- Let Traffic Light rhythmize your morning exercises, your lunch break or your evening reading.
- Save your e-mail before the lights go green again.
- Use the amber phase to throw a glance into the greenery.
- Guess the moment when the lights will change.
- Just cross the street scot-free at red light - at least in thought.
- While the signal is green you could actually think of your mate.

Customizing the periods of the signals Traffic Light can be used for controlling the kid's amounts of watching TV or their teeth brushing activities. You might have to illustrate "Red no, green go"? Use Traffic Light as a timer - if requested a gentle or a noisy alarm calls your attention if the lights change. All in all it's a neat gadget on the road as well as for your desk - exspecially in a dock of course.

- Red-Red/Amber-Green-Amber ...
- Red-Green-Amber ...
- Red-Amber-Green ... (running light)
- Red/Amber/Green-Black ... (blinker light)

The length of every signal's duration can be configered - this would be nice in the rooad traffic also of course. Therefor a timer like "8 min. red, 30 sec. Amber and 1 min. green" is quickly defined. If you also activate an alarm sound (two are at your disposal) your pasta will be "al dente" in the future. You can define as many light/time configurations as you like. All setup data are saved when you exit the application.

- Unlimited "timer application" setups.
- Up to 24 hrs luminious period (1 sec. resolution) for each signal color.
- Audible alarm (gentle or noisy) on signal change as option.
- Four different light sequences: "Real" traffic lights (with or without amber phase), running lights or blinking lights.
- Freely definable blinking light combinations. The "off" phase is also configurable.
- Optionally you can switch off iPhone's "Auto Lock" - Traffic Light will run forever.
- Hide status bar as option.
- Show countdown for remaining time if you like. The countdown's brightness can be adjusted.
- Optionally turn on a "bulb" on by double tap. The next tap restarts the timer.
- Open setup with "i" button or by double tapping on the black background.

Requests & suggestions may be send to
VERSION 1.0 (2009-02-22):
- First release.

VERSION 1.1 (2009-03-03):
- See "Info" within application.

VERSION 1.2 (2009-04-17):
- New localisation German (among English).
- Large help window with HTML format. Font size can be changed by pinching/spreading with two fingers.