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Letters of the Name Really do have Meaning!

Each letter in your name has it’s own specific meaning. Taken in combination, the letters give us the strength and tenacity to become great leaders or the ability to follow those in command.

A person’s name may be the single most important guiding force in their life. With a name, a person is an individual. They are someone who has to be reckoned with; no longer a body holding space but a person who requires attention.

Our name shapes our personality. It expresses our characteristics in the most personal of ways. The spelling and the letters dictate who we are and what our lives will become. It has a direct influence on everything we achieve in life.

Look at the first name of the man who fought at Valley Forge, George Washington. The “G,” of which he has two, shows that he is a friend of mysticism or religion and has a methodical determination. Not only was President Washington a decisive methodical general but he also believed quite strongly in the “Mason’s,” which some considers mystical.

The “E,” being the first vowel in his name, has a very strong influence on his life. With it not only being the first vowel but also appearing twice in his name, it has an even stronger meaning that there will always be a crowd around good old George. Looking at the United States Armies he commanded, that was probably true.

Over zealous in his beliefs because of the little “O” placed in his name, he was ready to tackle the British, the greatest war machine of it’s time, for the good of the Colonists.

The “R” in his name gave him the ability to be a hard worker and to plod on in his efforts to rid the Colonies of the British and anyone else who got in his way.

Placement of the letters in his name had a direct influence on how he perceived life.

iLetters~26 Secrets contains all the secrets behind these Letters of the Name. You can search for any name combinations alphabet wise.

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