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iTab - Songbook and Tuner

iPhone / iPad
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The iPhone tablature software and songbook

An indispensable aid for those who play guitar and other strings and frets based instruments such as bass, mandolin, ukulele ..

iTab allows you to create, download, edit and read tabs wherever you are, directly on your iPhone; here are the main features for this application:

iTab has a nice new feature: chromatic scale tuner! Select a note and click "play". The iPhone / iPod Touch will play the corresponding sound.

It's possible to add new songs, either from zero or by downloading from the web a zip file containing one or more ChordPro files. You can use free services like DropBox ( to upload your files.

If that sounds complicate, thanks to an agreement with, it is now possible to download legally and for free from their site. Create an empty tab, open it, choose "Download". The iTab search engine will take you to, you will choose a version of the tab, and when you click on the "save" button whatever song is displayed on that page will be parsed and imported into iTab.

If you want to, you can input a whole song (lyrics and chords) directly on your iPhone / iPod touch, useful if you are just trying out something or a friend is teaching you a new song.

You could also input the whole song (chords+lyrics) into the lyrics section using the chordPro format; iTab will parse it and save lyrics and chords appropriately.

Tabs can be played in three different fashions: without chords, chord names above text, text above a graphical representation of the chord. You can specify a scrolling speed and it will scroll the tab while you play.

if you have one or more songs in your iTunes library with the same name as the tab that is playing, those songs will be played along it!

Add new instruments, specifying number of strings and tuning. It's of course possible to add new chords for each instrument / tuning.

iTab can automatically transpose song chords (e.g. raise it half a tone).

The iTab songbook is the most feature-packed, and the only one that is updated regularly!

See the support site for more information:

Twitter newsfeed, with the developer news about new versions of iTab in the works:

Please note: it's of no use to leave a comment in the rating section requesting a fix, feature or explanation, because I can't get back to you asking for more details (not to mention the fact that comments only appear in the iTunes store where they were created, and I don't monitor them all since support is already offered through e-mail).

Please use the address to report a bug or request a new feature and I WILL get back to you. Thanks!