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iBrowse2 - Dual Page/Full Screen Web Browser

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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NOTE: This app does not contain any explicit or inappropriate material. It is only rated at 17+ because it is a web browser.

What people are saying:

"...the added features that iBrowse2 provides make it a welcome subsitute for Safari.  If you’re looking for the ability to view multiple web pages at once, then iBrowse2 is the app to get!"

"Tuesday's pick, iBrowse2, introduces dual page browsing to the portable world. This Safari alternative gives you the ability to view two Web pages simultaneously by displaying them side by side. This can come in handy for situations where comparisons are important, such as online shopping."
-Scott Orgera,

"It's by far one of the best browsers out there."
-CirclePix (publisher of Tubey)

iBrowse2 gives you the ultimate web browsing experience on your iPod or iPhone. By letting you do things unheard of in Safari or other web browsers for the iPhone, iBrowse2 literally one-ups the competition.

Dual Page Web Browsing
Unlike other mobile web browsers, iBrowse2 lets you see two different web pages at the same time.

Full Screen Web Browsing
First and foremost, iBrowse2 is a web browser on a mobile device. As with any mobile device, every pixel of screen real estate makes a difference. Therefore, iBrowse2 takes full advantage of the iPhone's screen by providing you an edge-to-edge browsing experience. No address bar, no navigation controls, nothing in the way of you and your website.

iBrowse2 keeps track of where you have been so that you can easily go back. However, you can turn on private browsing in the settings to hide your tracks.

Rotation Lock
With rotation lock on, you can hold the iPhone any way you want without the screen flipping to match that orientation.

Control Hiding
Due to popular demand, an optional show/hide control button has been added! Now you can show or hide the controls with or without shaking.

Dynamically Switch Between One and Two Windows
You don't have to choose if you want one or two windows open on startup. Hit the plus, and you get a second window, hit the minus, and the second window disappears, preserving one window. You can also hit the arrows between the two address boxes while using two windows to swap them.

Google Search Box
iBrowse2 learns from desktop browsers even more! Included is a Google Search Box, which lets you make quick Google searches right from the status bar.

Customizable Home Page
Take a trip to the Settings of the iPhone, and iBrowse2 lets you set a homepage to be loaded when the application is started. If you would prefer a quicker start, the homepage can be disabled as well.

Have some favorite sites that you visit often? iBrowse2 lets you keep them in memory for quick and easy access.

Multi Touch
iBrowse2 takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod's multi Touch screens. Providing the familiar pinch and double tap commands to zoom in and out, iBrowse2 virtually eliminates the learning curve!

Email Link
Find a neat website while browsing the Internet and want to share it? With the simple tap of a button, iBrowse2 prompts you to enter an email address, then does the rest!

Open in Safari
For quick access to Safari, iBrowse2 lets you send any webpage into Safari.

Private Browsing (on the Fly)
iBrowse2 only keeps history to go back and forward within a browsing session. You can also turn private browsing on and off during a browsing session. If the clock is showing in the upper right, then private browsing is off, and history will be saved. Hit it to show the "no" sign, and private browsing is on. Hit the home button and your history will be gone, safe from prying eyes!

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