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BeatMonitor is an iPhone app that uses the iPhones microphone to calculate your bpm (beats per minute ) . Simply place the iPhone on a vein i.e. over your heart or over your wrist and then press start.

In addition BeatMonitor can also be used to calculate your MHR (Maximum hear rate).
*You should know your maximum heart rate to establish boundaries during training. Most recommendations suggest targeting a heart rate between 55% and 85% of your maximum heart rate for a period of time, say 30 minutes, to build your aerobic base.

BeatMonitor can be used with the iPhone and iPod touch(requires microphone headset).

To use you must first be able to detect a vein, this will not work if you cant detect a vein.
First place the iPhone microphone firmly on a vein and press start. You can tell if BeatMonitor can find a vein by the digital sine wave display. If you don’t see a consistent sine wave when you press start then you still need to find a vein. Best location is just over your heart, or on your wrist. BeatMonitor will not work through clothes must be against your body.
Once you can consistently find a vein BeatMonitor can then calculate your bpm.

*BeatMonitor works best with the onboard microphone.