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Video Spanish 01 – Free Edition

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You are looking at the most anticipated language learning program available today.

PeanutButter™ Video Spanish will have you SPEAKING and UNDERSTANDING Spanish from the minute you start.

Each application contains 3 FUN and useful dialogues and grammar lessons with live video. Plus, our unique 3-peat captioning in English, Spanish and “word by word” TRANSLATION shows you exactly what each person says.

Engaging grammar lessons cover:
• Verb formations
• Word usage
• Noun/adjective agreement
• Regional expressions
• Cultural points and more

PeanutButter™ also offers an exciting Mac, PC and Linux compatible full desktop version available on our website:

PeanutButter™ is the only Spanish program in the world to present content in 6 regional dialects that teaches you how Spanish varies from country to country.

1. How’s Your Spanish? – A fun conversation about practicing your Spanish. Learn how to use “ar” verbs, gerunds and the ever popular “hacer” (to do/to make) verb.

2. At the Bus Stop – Find your way to the bus stop in Mexico. Great practice with “ir” (to go), regional expressions, contractions, and how to talk about events in the future.

3. I Think He Likes You. – A humorous scene with two cute girls at a cafe in Buenos Aires. Learn about the “vos” conjugation of verbs, “gustar” and cultural points on word meanings.

Each application contains 6 videos with live conversation and powerful grammar explanations that provide instant understanding of everything you see.. You’ll love watching these lessons again and again while you master core conversational skills.

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