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It is said that the range of human hearing is 20-20,000 Hz. Most people 24 and under are able to hear the full range while most people 30 or older can't hear past 16 kHz. Annoy-A-Tron brings the most annoying of these tones to your iPhone/iPod Touch. There are three annoy modes to choose from and all are sure to drive anyone crazy:

Timer Mode - With this mode selected set the time, pick the frequency, hit the Start button, and set your device somewhere out of sight. When time is up watch as your friends, family, or foe get annoyed while trying to find out where the sound is coming from.

Sound Mode - If your are more of a direct annoyer use the "Sound Mode". This mode plays the frequency you've selected continuously until you touch the Stop button.

Annoy Mode - This one is my favorite and should only be used on a true enemy. WIth this mode, after you select your frequency (my favorite is 14kHz) and touch the Start button, the Annoy-A-Tron will play a 2 second burst randomly every 30 seconds. This ensures that the enemy will never be able to pinpoint where the sound is coming from. Strategically hide your device with the speaker exposed and watch the person go crazy trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.

The iPhone/iPod Touch speaker is limited and gets quieter at the higher frequency. For better results at these frequencies hook your device to a home stereo or car stereo and turn up the volume. Be careful though, setting the volume too high could cause damage to your speakers or even worse, your hearing. Use at your own risk.